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What Is Obesity

Obesity is a disease that increases which increases the level of bad fat in your body fat. Obesity is measured by your body BMI (body mass index). If an individual has 25-35% extra fat in his/her body then it maximizes the chances of high-risk diseases such as increased blood pressure, many heart problems, cardiac pulp, diabetes, etc. between 2000 to 2017, the level of weight has expanded in people over around 50% increase at an overall world. Particularly, reasons are eating street food & junk food, liquor consumption, last night eating, etc. Here in this article, we look forward to certain facts that are the primary reason why individuals gain weight & increments step by step.

Obesity-related to many things that are why many individuals suffered and couldn’t overcome this disease. Usually, obesity is the result of your environmental factors, inhibitor activity, combined with diet, and the most important your pyshicolgy and a healthier diet and good environment lead changes in the individuals and help you reduce body fat and lower the likelihood factor.

The Reason Behind The Obesity  

The main reason behind the increment in obesity is people eat more than they digest that’s why they can not burn the calories they consumed. unhealthy food can be a reason obesity eating those stuff for the long-term can be harmful. Over a period the rest calories set aside in your body lead to weight.

Here we mention some default reasons why obesity occurs in individuals:-

  • Genetics.
  • Growing Older.
  • Lack of sleeping.
  • Pregnancy.

Genetics play a huge role in your body, your genetics are linked throughout your body. Its effects process food into energy and how fat is stored.

Growing older occurs to many-body problems and it’s affecting your blood pressure & metabolic rate after a time period it’s going lower, etc.

Sleeping is important stuff which helps food to digestion, many individuals couldn’t able to take proper sleep and it lead the chances of obesity. With proper sleeping, your body may feel hungrier and slow your metabolic rate which doesn’t help to burn the calories and make you fatty.

During pregnancy, women gained more weight in their last month of pregnancy. This isn’t the fault of the baby, because of the extra fluid women carry in the body.

Complications Of Obesity

Obesity is not just a simple weight gain stuff, increasing your weight impacts on your body several parts such as your organs & bones. Having more fat stuff rather than muscle tissues make your body powerless a house of illness. Being overweight leads to a low density of your bone power, and weak you more in your older life than others.

Obesity is linked to several health problems that arise with serious consequences in your life path. Here we mentioned some issues which can be life-threatening if you do not treat them right time:-

  • Diabetes.
  • Gallbladder disease.
  • Fatty liver.
  • Heart disease (heart pulpiness & fatty heart).
  • High blood pressure.
  • Cholesterol.
  • Sleep apnea.
  • Strokes.
  • Breathing problems.

How can be treated Obesity

If you have the symptoms of obesity or your feel it occurred you we suggest to check up yourself and visit your family physician or hospital. Your doctor would be able to examine yourself well. In case he didn’t make you ought to think about a weight specialist you need to look forward.

Changing habits can may your well cause many studies say that most obesity occurs people due to their lifestyle and way of eating. So your specialist might be saying you to change your daily routine including your diet and many physicians provide individuals a diet & medicine plans which they want the patients to follow. 

In some worst cases, people need surgery which increases the chance of many problems such as sugar, etc. 

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