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Sonata is a sleeping drug medicine that helps to improve an individual who suffers from insomnia. We also called it a hypnotic & zaleplon. It affects your brain’s neurotransmitters & some chemicals which help you to stay calm and relax your brain for better sleep. It relaxes your brain and provides you with better sleep.

Possible side effects of Sonata

After consuming sonata, if you feel headache, short-term memory loss, back pain, problems with memory, concentration, dry mouth, feeling less,  hungry, lack of coordination, hangover, anxiety, depression, nervous feeling, nausea, increased menstrual pain, problems with vision, stomach pain, constipation, dizziness, drowsiness, joint or muscle pain, mild skin rash as well as any other then you need imidate doctors assistance and immediately rush to your doctor.


  • Taking vitamins, herbs, and other medications can interact with each other which may put in the worst situations. Never take them before consulting with your physician or your pharmacist.
  • Consuming sonata with other medications can cause several problems. In the worst case, overdose or some things an individual may die also.
  • Other medicines can interact with the sonata and harm your brain and the consequences may dangerous.
  • Before taking sonata or any medicine always tell your doctor about your present status and also tell them exact things regarding your body. Tell them if you take some other medicine when you suffer from it or you stop taking them before starting the sonata.

Points that you need to know before taking Sonata

  • If you suffer from sleeping problems and you used medicine in the past and look forward to the sonata. It would be a suggestion for you do not to use sonata it has some inactive ingredients which may interact with your brain’s nervous system and may harm you a lot.
    Never take sonata without consulting with your pharmacist or physician.
  • If you forget your past activity while consuming sonata, never used it before your doctor would not suggest you take it.
  • Sonata is not verified for usage for those who are younger than 18 years old. For safety make sure that this product is suitable and fulfill your requirement.