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Lunesta 1 mg

Lunesta is a sedative & hypnotic drug used for the treatment of Insomnia. It is more effective than other drugs Lunesta works around 6-5 hours in your body, you can use it with other medicine also.

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Lunesta 1mg is a sedative/hypnotic med prescribed by the doctor for the treatment of Insomnia. Lunesta 1mg is also used alone but in some other conditions, it can use with some medicine as well.

How to use Celexa

You can take the Lunesta in your initial days is 1 mg orally doses a day before bedtime. And it totally depends on the Individual body’s tolerance ability. After a month your physician may high the level of doses and then you may take Lunesta 1-3 doses a single day.

Side Effects

Lunesta is the cause of many allergic reactions such as Memory problems, Unusual thoughts, Behavior, Confusion, Hallucinations, Self-harm thoughts, Anxiety, Depression, Aggression, etc. consult with your physician with your present body status. Using Lunesta with other meds may lower your breathing capability or may slow your heartbeat. Don’t use such meds with Lunesta who have reaction chances with it.


Never consume the overdose,  your physician makes dosage on basis of your medical condition, liver function, age, other medications you may be taking. So never take the medication than prescribed because your risk of side effects will increase by your fault.

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