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Levitra 10 mg


Vardenafil is a particular ingredient used in Levitra and also contains a place in PDE 5 inhibitors medicine class. The utilization of this medication is to help men in treatment of erectile brokenness, a condition which proposes challenges in getting or keeping an erection.

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Levitra/Vardenafil are similar ingredients like viagra med. The working of this medicine is to increase a blood pressure in male so that they can get or be in an erection form.  Expansion in dose and effeciency can given a stabiliy while having sexual movement. You cannot get this medicine until there is a doctor prescriptions as it can cause effects inside or outside the body. The instructions given by the doctor is very important while having sexual activity.

Side Effects and Precautions of Levitra 10 mg

This medicine comes under a drug class of viagra. Always have proper care while having sexual activity. There is a high risk of getting injured and also causes heart problems. People who have heart disease should not take this med as it can make their body very loose and lead to death. It’s better to count the tables and make sure you don’t overdose, especially people who are above 50, or intake of smoke/alcohol. Better ask your personal doctor who can guide you properly and have a proper knowledge of it. In the wake of taking this medication you can build your endurance yet in addition expire your vision.

Taking viagra/levitra can increase your stamina, efficiency and forms a proper stability but is can be very harmful for both men and women while having sexual activity. Do not panic if you are facing any problems after taking the medicine contact your personal doctor and follow all instructions. Men should not take this medicine while have sexual activity, especially with pregnant ladies as it is unsafe for both mothers and new born child, cause this medicine can go into Brest milk and that can cause genetic disorder in child too.

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